Best Places to Retire in California

Are you planning your retirement in popular California? Home to Hollywood and Los Angeles, stars and redwoods and glamour, this place calls for attention. California also offers peace and tranquility. Places to connect with nature, places to sail and view sea life, and quiet valleys are available in California too…if you know where to look.  So whether you want to refurbish a Victorian home into a quaint bed-and-breakfast or just relax and do some fishing on a beautiful beach, California is perfect for retirees.

California can be a very expensive place to live or to retire. If you look outside of the hotspots like LA or Napa Valley, you can find an affordable place that fits your needs and lifestyle. One such place is Eureka. Here on the coast of Northern California is a little place that boast big draw cards for nature-lovers.

Bring your fly rod and spend the day salmon fishing along one of the many streams. Or, grab your camera to capture pictures of the Roosevelt Elks in their natural habitat. For beach lovers, stroll along the sands or stand atop rocky outcrops and watch the waves crash in. Do some surf fishing. Maybe you just want to take your spouse’s hand and stroll through redwoods and ferns? Outdoor enthusiasts will find what they need here in Eureka.

If your idea of retirement was to renovate a Victorian home, then Eureka is the place for you. The Carson Mansion stands as the example of a perfect Victorian home. You can get ideas for renovations from the mansion, or find your own inspirations as you stroll along the streets where gorgeous houses with elaborate detail are everywhere.

Quiet and laid-back, you will not find crowds or nightlife here in Eureka. No hustle and bustle. But breathtaking beauty, homes from a bygone era, and places to sit and think abound. Sip your morning coffee in the cooler climate. Ride your bike. Get to know your neighbors. Eureka has that hometown feel that many people seek.

If you prefer a more lively life with friends and fun, then Palm Springs is your retirement destination. A true oasis in the desert, Palm Springs has been a retirement hot spot for years. World-class golf courses and resorts, great restaurants and art museums offer all of the culture you could want. The museum even boasts wax ‘retirees’ that are so lifelike you will think they are just stopping to rest there.

Step outside of the hubbub and explore the canyons and hills surrounding Palm Springs. Take the aerial tram up the mountainside for breathtaking views. The tram rotates for a one-of-a-kind view. You can hike or rock climb or grab your bike and cut the roads with your Harley. This is a retirement paradise, just waiting for you. Homes around $200,000 make this an affordable place to retire.

Explore all of the retirement options of these, and other California communities, where sun, sand, mountains and canyons meet.