Retirement Cities in the US

Retirement Cities in the US: Ah, the Golden Years. Relaxation. No more daily grind. Time to enjoy what you have worked so hard for…retirement. And while retirement is easy, getting there takes some planning. There are some things you need to consider when making your retirement plans.

Where you will spend your later years is one of the most important decisions you can make. Your decisions should include factors like: what type of lifestyle it offers, what kind of medical facilities are available, and how high is the crime rate?

When you know what you will expect out of retirement, finding Retirement Cities in the US to call home will be much easier.

If the lure of solitude and space, views and fresh mountain air, are your idea of perfection, why not consider the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina? Quiet, artist communities like Blowing Rock offer some stunning scenery and enough peacefulness that you can finally finish writing that ‘Great American Novel’.

In the winter, snowy days will be fun for skiing on the nearby slopes of Banner Elk and Seven Devils. Or, sip some hot chocolate in one of the boutique shops along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Keep your eyes open and you may spot black bear and red wolves in the forests during the spring and fall. Summers are pleasant with lower humidity. Enjoy craft fairs and music festivals.

Good medical care is available and tasty dining from casual barbeque to elegant dinners are easy to find. The crime rate in Blowing Rock is very low and the people are friendly. Homes range in prices and styles from small cabins along the creeks to multi-million dollar homes with amazing views atop the crests of the mountains.

If your vision of retirement is to never see a snowflake again, or to ever feel a cold gust of wind freezing your toes- then head south to Florida. The whole state of Florida is a retirement haven, but some places stand out.

St. Augustine homes range from $80,000 for a 2/2 condo to a whopping million dollar home directly on the beach. With history making up the whole city of St. Augustine, lovers of architecture, history, ghosts and lore will fall in love with the oldest city in the US.

A tourist-town with a hometown feel, St. Augustine is a safe place to live. Walk the sidewalks at night and see Castillo de San Marco lit up. Hear the dark waves crash against the retaining walls. Or do some night fishing on St. Augustine Beach.

Hundreds of ethnic tastes are represented in the area restaurants. Fresh seafood, gourmet dining and casual barbeques offer just what you want. Shopping is plentiful in the Old Town. Boutiques and independent shops offer clothing, pottery and chocolates. You can even get local wines from San Sebastian Winery.

Do everything or nothing in your retirement, find a Retirement Cities in the US. Enjoy the cool of the mountains or the heat of the beach. Live solitary or enjoy an active nightlife. Start your planning now.