Retirement in the Caribbean

Retirement in the Caribbean: There are so many reasons to move to the Caribbean. Great fishing and golf. Beautiful beaches and tropical rainforests.  Amazing sunsets and sunrises…

But have you thought about the Caribbean as a place to retire?  More specifically, have you thought about Panama?

There are so many reasons to consider places like David City, Panama when you do your retirement planning.  Think about it. Neighbors like gorgeous Costa Rica. The Caribbean Sea in your front yard and majestic mountains in the back. Low-cost living with high value. And, for Americans, a country that is friendly to foreigners.

Add to that the fact that expats get the same benefits as citizens and you have the perfect spot to spend the golden years. Benefits include discounted medical care, tax-exemptions on cars and tax-free importing of household goods- up to 10,000 dollars. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Well, it gets better.

Houses in Panama are a fraction of the cost of a house in the US.  A 3-bedroom, 2-bath house with a nice pool and all of the bells and whistles will costs anywhere from $200,000 and up in the US. In Panama, one is listed for $125,000— and that includes all of the appliances and furnishings! No wonder people are flocking to Panama to retire.

Of course, the retirement in the Caribbean is full of spectacular places to live the retirement life. The Dominican Republic is one of them. Already a tourist hotspot, the Dominican Republic offers island living at its best. Places like Punta Cana are well-known for their gorgeous beaches and destination weddings. The resorts are plentiful and have the comforts that foreigners look for, air-conditioning and internet.

Punta Cana also offers plenty to do outside of the resorts. Residents enjoy opportunities to be outdoors in lush tropical settings. Or, head to the water for sailing, fishing, paddle-boarding and more. Retirees will certainly be able to enjoy an active lifestyle here in the Dominican Republic.

Do you want to enjoy being a full-time resident? It’s as easy as buying it. $15,000 dollars and one year on the island will make you a legal foreign resident. No hoops to jump through or paperwork to sort out. And you will need a home if you decide to live there, right? No problem. Homes are cheap.  A 3-bedroom, 1 ½ bath new construction can be bought for less than $100,000 US.  You can buy a luxurious, beach-front property for less than the cost of a condo in the US.

Sunny days, warm tropical climates, and great beaches make the Caribbean a perfect spot to retirement in the Caribbean. And with low cost-of-living, and very affordable housing, these paradises practically beg you to come and join them.

Now, add to that friendly people who will not treat foreigners with the disdain that a lot of countries do, and you have the perfect spot. Come and see why so many people from the US and other countries have decided to live out their wonder years in the Caribbean.